Sunday, December 20, 2009


Wassup Hepcats!
Every year, I pray. Not to a "god" or anything like that, more to like a unifying energy force that I don't really believe in but it doesn't require any effort on my part so Hey Why Not?
I pray that winter won't happen this year. It would be like a sad kids TV special from the '80s, "The Year Without a Winter", except everyone would be happy and rejoicing and drinking margaritas. Virgin margaritas for the kiddos. And it wouldn't be because of global warming climate change or anything, it would just be because nature forgot. And when nature remembered? Too late, nature! It's spring! Which it has been all along because you forgot! Silly goose.
Yeah, well.
Maybe next year.
*use your old hairspray cans though, just in case.

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