Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday Night TV Recap

Wassup Hepcats. So the Yanks Inevitable Game 6 Victory being postponed until last night made upset the apple cart a little bit, insofar as a couple of the Sunday Regulars were pre-empted, and I had to DVR a couple of others. But in the interest of alacrious posting, let's get on with it.
Wasn't on. But if it was, it would have been not as good as it used to be.

Wasn't on. But if it was, it would have had about 27 lame jokes, 1 joke that was borderline offensive yet funny, 1 joke that was actually offensive and not funny, and 1 joke that made me laugh so hard I Lizzed. Plus a plot that made no sense.

I actually haven't watched it yet. I gotta tell ya, my enthusiasm for this show always wanes once the Fighting Married Couple gets booted. And this year's FMC doubled as Massholes, to boot. But I'll stick with it, at this point I'm rooting for Flight Time and Big Easy, because hearing Phil call them that warms the cockles.

HO-LEEEEE SHEEEE-EET, Hepcats, this was the one we were waiting for, wasn't it? Bets confronting ole Don Draper with his Box o Secrets. And, in a stroke of genius, doing it while the chick Don is banging is waiting outside in his car. And she might come in the house at any minute to see what's going on. And oh yeah, it's Sally's old teacher! Way to turn the screws on ole Don, Weiner. Masterful acting job by Jon Hamm in this scene, anyone who's been confronted with previous misdeeds that they've covered up (i.e. everyone) can relate to the mixture of dread and relief Hamm played here.
Also: Roger got meaningful screen time! It was fun to imagine young Sterling fils as a rebellious libertine, and giving boxing a shot. He totally did that.
Even better: Joanie's back! And she clocked Dr. Assface in the back of the head with a vase! (I actually yelled out, "Yes!" when she did that. It was kinda emabarassing.) And Dr. Assface looks like he'll be Weiner's sacrifice to the coming Conflict in Viet Nam. Tears shed? No. No tears shed for Dr. Assface.
Probably the best ep of this show to date. The more I thought about it, I even came around o the last line there, which I had originally dismissed as a little too on the nose. "And who are you supposed to be?" Dick Whitman's hint of a grin said it all. Fantastic.
5 Cans of Horse Meat out of 5

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