Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Best of the Aughts Begins....


Schedule for the next week:
Best of the Aughts: Songs (100 - 91) Saturday 10/31
BotA: Songs (90-81) Sunday 11/1
BotA: Books (20-11) Monday 11/2
BotA: Songs (80-71) Tuesday 11/3
BotA: Songs (70-61) Wednesday 11/5
Fuck yeah you're excited.
The boys above have a song in the top 10, first person to post their correct ID in the comments section wins a CD mix of Aging Hepster's Top 100 Songs of the Aughts.


  1. That's the Arctic Monkeys, brother.

  2. Well done. You win a free copy. (Which I was prolly gonna send you anyways, but still.)