Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday TV Recap

Friday TV is terrible. That's the reason single people and people without kids (or people who are terrible parents, or have babysitters) go out on Friday nights. To spare themselves the thought process of, "I really want to watch Ghost Whisperer at 8, but Til Death starts at 8:30!"

So I watched The Office and 30 Rock on DVR, then watched the end of Juno on HBO.

Solid ep, much improved upon last week's weird Mafia show, which was devoid of the ha-ha's. Loved Ryan's douchey fedora, and, "That reminds me, you owe me 3 bucks for gas." I think Ryan is my favorite character now, but only because the writers seem to have forgotten about Creed.
Dwight's spy-mallard was funny, but I really wish Jim's prank was better. Esp. after teasing us with the "National Treasure" line.  Missed opportunity.
3.5 Kevin fist-bumps out of 5

Good to see this show is still the most consistently funny, and quotable show on television (Modern Family is a close second right now). Tracy with his reef shark: "You need to put that in the tub, with a reef." That killed me. And a hearty welcome bank to Devon Banks (pouring out a little liquor for "Arrested Development"). "By the time I'm done, you're going to make AIG look like the Lehman Brothers of Microwaves!"
4 Astronaut Ice Creams out of 5

So we put it on, probably more than halfway through, and somehow it just got stuck on the channel. Then about 20 minutes before the end, the wifey says, "I'm just thinking about the end of the movie and I'm about to cry", and I didn't say anything, cuz I was too, but I'm ruff and stuff with my afro puffs so I don't admit things like that. Except on the internet. I don't what it is about this movie, but when the camera pans over to Jennifer Garner in the hospital nursery (spoiler), ach.
Also, Jason Bateman is in it (pouring out a little liquor for "Arrested Development".)
5 Hamburger Phones out of 5

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