Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Saturday Night Sports Blog

Wassup, rockers,
Ach. When you are fan of one the top teams, you never want the day to end up as "Survival Saturday", like today (and last Saturday) were. Because that means a. your team struggled and b. the teams you needed to lose acted like total cockteases and did things like blocking a last second field goal attempt or scoring a touchdown on 4th and goal with no time left.
Which is what happened.
Quick thoughts:
  • Was rooting for the Yanks to get rained out tonight, and the God That Does Not Exist answered my prayers. Would have been hell watching the Trojans on the computer, with a baseball game taping on DVR. Because trying to DVR a baseball game is impossible, you end up programming shows 3 hours after the set ending time, and then your DVR thinks you are a huge Judge Joe Brown fan. No winners there.
  • Tim Tebow: 12/22, 127 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT. And still in the Heisman conversation.  If Tim Tebow wins the Heisman this year, all previous winners should send their trophies in to Cash4Gold. Maybe make a few bucks. Except O.J., he still needs his. Go Trojans!
  • Mike Patrick: Called the SC game with Craig James tonight. I can't watch a game he calls without thinking of this.
Good night, rockers.

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