Monday, January 18, 2010

Aging Hepster: Song Detective!

Wassup Hepcats,
Like most of you, I was going to sleep last night and I saw that "Watchmen" was about to start on HBO. "Watchmen" has somehow entered into the pantheon of movies that I can always put on, and kinda get sucked into. Or fall asleep to.
So I switch over, and it hasn't started yet, cuz "Big Love" is running late or maybe I was just early because goblins took my watch (according to one of the twinnies). Anyway, "Big Love" is on. Is ending. And this song is playing as Chloe Sevingny is crying, and then the credits, and hepcats, I fucking FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. It sounded like Arcade Fire had a baby with MGMT or some other lame "had a baby with" mixture (which is really annoying, and I hate when people do it, because there are like 7 people in Arcade Fire and two in MGMT and WHO'S HAVING THE BABY?) (also hate when people describe something as "on acid". You've never done acid, just stop it).
I didn't know who it was, or anything about it, and the forums at AdTunes, where I would normally go to find something like this out, had nothing.
So I put on my Aging Hepster: Song Detective! hat! AND!
Found it!

Only took like twenty minutes and wearing the FUCK out of my DVR. So now we're all happy and I fell asleep during "Watchmen", but before Malin Ackerman got naked.

If you have a question for Aging Hepster: Song Detective!, email us at There is no charge for this valuable service.

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